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Humour is a universal human trait that has been around longer than the spoken word. It provided the building blocks for how we see the world and the way we communicate and process information. It helped to make us the creative, social, novelty craving beings we are today. At Laugh Learn Lead we are devoted to a constantly adding to our comprehensive understanding of humour and discovering how it can be applied to making groups and individuals better communicators, more effective educators, and happier, healthier, more creative people. We are interested in redefining how people understand and value the role of humour and are developing the tools that will bring laughter and humanity into the digital world. 


The idea that humour is the original building block of learning is no joke. Here is the basic idea. Humour is simpler than  language, we use it earlier in life than language and we used it earlier in evolution than language. With humour our ancestors were able to communicate about things that were incongruous, things that seemed odd or....funny. The endorphin kick of smiling and laughter combined with social bonding to provide real rewards for the use of humour and pushed us to notice and share the odd, the novel, the funny. Then,little by little, by seeing the breaks in patterns of the world we became able to see the patterns themselves. Progressive intelligence, creativity and communication had arrived......and we were laughing. There's obviously a lot more to it than that and if you are comfy reading academic papers let me know and I will send you all the details.


Humour might involve making people happy, but it's a lot more than that. By understanding the details of how humour operates we can work to create humour systems for artificial intelligence and robots, and make advancements in education and cognitive therapies. But aside from changing the world, we'd like to effect some positive changes wherever we can. The driving force behind Laugh Learn Lead is to transform the gifts that humour brings in real, tangible, valuable actions. To give individuals and groups the ability to:

* develop new strategies and fresh perspectives on all types of projects, problems, and situations

* to communicate effectively with an original and authentic voice

* approach life with vitality and a passion to evolve.

Tell us your situation, your problems, your hopes.....and we will put the power of humour to work in your favour. It's all in the name: Laugh Learn Lead

we Share the power of humour

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